Smart & flexible solutions

The Consortium is a “one-stop-shop” for employers seeking education or training services for their employees. We provide the following on-site and off-site services for businesses and employees:

Single Point of Contact

One contact for all of your training and education needs.

Client Services Representatives

Tuition reimbursement programs and counseling for employees interested in furthering their education.

Reasonable Tuition Rates

Obtain college degrees at reasonable rates.

College Credit Classes

We can provide more than 6,000 classes onsite at your business.

Non-Credit Training Classes

Customized to meet your company’s specific needs in technical areas on-site or any regional location.


Associates Degrees

Associates degrees transferable to Drexel University.

Training Service

Workforce development programs

The Collegiate Consortium provides workforce development programs for employers across the greater Philadelphia region and our staff will work with you to develop a customized training program that best fits your needs and custom-tailored for your business.

Questions to develop your own training program:

  • What is your company’s Industry?
  • What are your education and training needs?
  • How many employees are you interested in serving?
  • Where would you like to offer these education or training services?
  • Do you have a preferred institution to work with?

Higher Learning

Enhance the future of your business


A unique partnership with leading educational institutions in the greater Philadelphia region.


Access specialized resources to further enhance your business and strengthen your employee base.


Courses are identified based on your industry, so you can find your match quickly and easily.


Find information on what courses are available that match your professional and business goals.

Sample of Courses

Technical & Professional Development

Thanks to a unique partnership with leading educational institutions in the greater Philadelphia region, the Collegiate Consortium offers opportunities to access specialized resources to further enhance your business. Here are the top industries and courses available.


Information Technology


Distribution & Logistics