CDL Training Program

Commercial Driver’s License Training Program

The demand for commercial drives is high, as the United States economy depends on trucks to deliver $700.4 billion worth of goods throughout the country annually. As such, commercial driving is expected to grow 11% nationally through 2022.

This course will begin in the classroom where you will learn about the vehicle, basic truck operations, handling cargo, and what to do in an emergency. From there, we will take you to the driving range where you will practice mastering operation and control of the vehicle. Once you have the skills needed for operation, you will go on the road with one of our experienced instructors to guide you to success.

Skills learned in the CDL Training Program include:

  • Shifting/operating transmissions
  • Backing up and docking
  • Vehicle communications
  • Night driving
  • Extreme driving conditions
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Pre- and post-trip Inspections

Upon completion and graduation from the program you will receive a certificate, plus the skills you need to earn your CDL and obtain a position as a commercial driver. The College Consortium partners with many companies that have in-house training departments that provide additional training to entry-level drivers. Long distance and local employment opportunities are also available through our partnerships.