Getting Hired as a Longshoreman

The PMTA and ILA Locals in the Ports of the Delaware River jointly operate Hiring Centers where longshoremen seeking employment on any given day make themselves available for work opportunities.

To get hired for a shift on any particular day, you MUST follow these steps.


STEP 1: Is there work?

Call 215-463-8552 the night before and listen to the recording. You will find out if there is cargo arriving, what time, and how many workers will be needed for the following day.

The PMTA maintains an Automated Hiring System that gives employers and labor computer access to the daily hires. Orders are placed on the Automated System on a daily basis for the next day work orders. On the day of the work, the dispatchers at the hiring centers open the work orders and fill them out. PMTA members are given access to the system by the PMTA.

STEP 2: Go to one of the Employment & Training Centers

If work is available, the following morning arrive at one of the Employment & Training Centers:

Alexander Talmadge Training Center
3001 S. Front Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148
Main Number: 215-463-8550
Hiring Line: 215-463-8552

ILA Local 1694 Union Hall
200 S. Claymont Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
Main Number: 302-655-6572
Hiring Line: 302-652-5263

1. SCAN your PMTA-ILA Identification Card
2. Wait to be assigned to a gang/crew.

STEP 3: Report to Your Assigned Terminal

Once you have been assigned to a gang/crew you need to report on-time and be ready to work. You will also need your TWIC Card, State or Federally Issued Identification Card, and your personal protective equipment (PPE).

IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE ASSIGNED TO A CAR SHIP, you will need to bring your original Social Security Card, a valid driver’s license, and TWIC Card.